Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January Hike

We have lived in Mesa for a year now and still hadnt made it to Superstition Springs mountains, which are only about 20 minutes from here, so one saturday afternoon we decided to try it out.  Definitly different than what we are use to, cactus' everywhere to watch out for, Matt even got a small one hooked on his hand.  It was a beautiful hike! Then on our way home we found the coolest Ghost town! I will for sure be heading back there to take some family pictures!

Christmas Break

Our family Christmas break was the funnest vacation to Utah/Idaho yet! We were able to spend 2 weeks with family and friends, we had the best time! Definitly helped fill some homesick voids :)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

November '11

2 days after our trip back from Colorado, Dan and Angie flew out to see us! We were so excited to think that someone was coming out to Arizona! We played with Keira all day, which was the highlight of course! We are so grateful and happy that we have such wonderful siblings who are so generous with their time and money! Thank you to all of you who made our last couple of months more bearable! We love you!! November was also our little D's 5th birthday, we decided to have a party with a  Star Wars theme, which went over very well, he had a great day!

California and Colorado Oct '11

October was baby month! I got a niece Grace, and a nephew Graham both with in a week of eachother! And the best part about it was we (as a family) got to go see and visit and snuggle both of them! We went from California one weekend to Colorado the next, we had soo much fun! I was in heaven, holding and loving these babies! Oh and I cant forget Matt was in heaven because my brother got him tickets to the Bronco game!! We flew home on Halloween, so we made it in time to trick or treat!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Az Camping

Yay! we found the mountains!  And what a well needed time to do so! We camped about 16 miles out of Payson, which is about an hour and a half from us.  As soon as we started climbing the windows went down and we were all so happy to feel a cool breeze! a great break from the 110 degrees in the city. We found the best spot, we never saw another camper..but we sure were not the only ones in camp! The Elk were all around us for all 3 days.  The second night a pack of coyotes also decided to visit close by the tent, luckily the kids slept through it, I was the one bright eyed and a little nervous.  But we didnt get attacked and we had a Blast! Such a well needed trip away from city life (which we are having a VERY hard time adjusting to) Maybe some day we will once agian live closer to the mountains :)